Welcome to my life

At the age of 21, my life changed. I lost the love of my life, along with my sanity. The way I perceive life, love and death has since been changed forever.

Insight and Perspective

  • Grief and death are inevitable. At the same time, not everyone knows what to expect or how to handle such an overwhelming experience. Grief isn’t black and white, and neither are the challenges that follow it.
  • It is easy to feel alone during disenfranchised grief, or any type of grief that is left for the public eye to judge.

For the past two years, I have been trying to figure out how to grieve and what grief meant to me. I consider myself to be a closed off person, so I tried to avoid over exposing my feelings via social media. In return, that just made me feel like others were judging me for not publicly grieving. When I would openly grieve, it felt almost as if it wasn’t genuine. I’m not sure if it was just social anxiety, or the feeling that I was not allowed to grieve due to the complications that came with my love’s death, but I always felt judged. Now I am ready to take my life back.

If you decide to explore and follow my journey, be prepared to come across the following:

  • Friendships and family during grief (who’s really there for you)
  • Healthy and Unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • The Rise and Fall of mental health during grief
  • Love and death, love after loss

I spent the longest time, trying to find anything to make me feel less alone. While grief and trauma are so common, everyone’s stories and experiences are so unique to the individual. Not once was I able to find a safe place to open up and relate without feeling judged. This is for everyone who is having a complicated time going through their own grief process, and for everyone who is looking for a place to feel a bit normal, even for a second. I hope to bring you some sanity.

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