The Most Amazing Man

I wrote this poem about two years ago. At that time, I was really critical of myself. I felt as if I was talking about him too much, and that I was coming off as annoying. I felt as if everything I did was being closely monitored, and criticized. Luckily, now I feel more at peace with myself, and I feel comfortable pursuing my projects without judgement. I’m happy to finally share this with everyone.

I’m not a professional, but this blog and this poem were created out of love. Thank you, for following my journey.

Happy 25th birthday Omar, love you always.

The Most Amazing Man

He wore Old Navy and Gap,

His favorite color was gray

He liked to drive fast,

And eat Pluckers and Canes

Venti White Chocolate Mochas,

Micheladas and Mules,

Sometimes Dr. Pepper,

Depending on his mood.

Kendrick, Drake,

J Balvin and Wayne

He was always in the Zone,

With nothing in his way.

Educated and cultured, He had big things to do.

He wanted to get his Masters,

Go back to school.

Travel the world,

See what was new.

Maybe even catch a concert, or two.

Dedicated to his work,

Family and friends

If you met him once,

You’d want to meet him again.

That’s Omar,

The most amazing man.


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